The God of Your Past: How the Gospel Heals Childhood Trauma

We are in the midst of a great reformation! God has been sovereignly moving to restore the offices of apostle and prophet to As adults, we often get confronted with our own brokenness and how that affects us as we do life in our communities and with the people around us. At times, our own self-awareness will tell us something is off, but for the most part, the health of our relationships will be a strong indicator that we might have unresolved brokenness. As adults, we are expected to take responsibility for fixing what is wrong. The world expects this of us. But what if we don’t understand what is wrong or broken? This book is an attempt to empower you with language for the difficulties you might be experiencing, and guide you to determine its origin. With understanding, we can create clarity around what we struggle with and so approach God and receive healing. In this book, you will be challenged to start understanding where you come from. When we are honest and specific about our childhood, our parental relationships, and family dynamics, a lot about who we are today will start to become clear. And when you can put language to the pain and pinpoint where the shame lies, you will be able to effectively move towards healing and restoration. Whether your childhood was filled with trauma or void of the love you know you should have received, this book will help you pinpoint the origin of your current difficulties and take you on a journey of healing. God loved you then and He loves you now. Read it prayerfully. Read it together with close friends who can pray with you. Read it with hope.

Trevor Botha

Growing up as a pastor’s kid, Trevor has been in the ministry his whole life. He felt a call towards full-time ministry while a student at the University of Pretoria. After graduating with a degree in Banking, he attended a part-time Bible School and after that, a full-time missions training school.

In 2001, his life took a detour and he landed on the shores of Europe. During the next ten years that followed, he joined Every Nation London and was blessed with a wonderful spiritual family and ministry experience in over fifteen nations.

In 2004 he married Yvette at the foot of the beautiful mountains in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Soon after, they answered the call to plant a church in Belgium. After Micah and Monet were born in England in 2006 and 2008, they moved to the beautiful historical city of Ghent, Belgium where they were blessed with two more boys, Sion (2011) and Luka (2014). The church started off in 2010 in our living room and has grown into a vibrant hub for young people who now call Every Nation Gent their home church.

He loves his job and the opportunities it presents. For him, nothing is more satisfying than to see people meet their Saviour and grow in relationship with God. His biggest joy is to help young people develop their leadership potential.

Life in Europe has been windy, wet, and wonderful. He would not exchange it for anything.