Our Story

In March of 1994, three friends reunited in Manila, Philippines. They had maintained their friendship while leading successful ministry work around the world. Steve Murrell, who was living in Manila, had founded and was pastoring Victory Church. Rice Broocks and Phil Bonasso were on their way to Singapore and Malaysia to help with two new church-planting opportunities, and they called Steve to stay with him during their layover in Manila. That stay became known as the “Miracle in Manila,” as their reunion turned into a recognition that God was calling them to do something great together.

It’s the compassion for the lost of the world that pulled us together and that pushes us forward to the vision, to the mission God’s called us to: go and make disciples of all nations. It’s our calling. It’s our mission. It’s our strategy. It’s our future.

Steve Murrell

Cofounder, President, Every Nation

I look back on the first five, six, seven years of our ministries together—our movement together—of Every Nation, and it was really the forming years, the foundational years, where everything we did from a ministry standpoint flowed out of reaching the campus and changing the world.

Phil Bonasso

Cofounder, Every Nation

We needed to see the nations reached,
we needed to do it by reaching students, and that somehow maybe all that would come together. But none of us really understood how that would look.

Rice Broocks

Cofounder, Every Nation


Every Nation started as a handful of churches across 3 nations.

Every Nation 1994 progress map: United States, Philippines, and Bangladesh
Every Nation leadership team in 1994
Every Nation outreach in Manila, Philippines
Rice Broocks and Steve Murrell preaching in Manila
Rice Broocks outreach on a US campus
Rice Broocks and Manny Carlos preaching


Together, we have grown to 523 churches across 82 nations.

Every Nation 2021 progress map: 81 nations across six continents
Family on the way to the Every Nation Go Conference
Traditional outfits at the Every Nation Go Conference
Pastor Scott Douma from Every Nation Japan
Every Nation pastors in South Africa
Every Nation members from South Africa
Together we can reach every nation and every campus

Stories from around Every Nation

Our mission has a global scale, but our real impact is measured in the lives of those who hear the gospel, become disciples of Christ, and go on to share their testimonies with others.

The Gospel at Work in Hong Kong

The Gospel at Work in Hong Kong

“The gospel is able to challenge us to look at how it ought to be in the kingdom of God.” See how God is breaking down barriers and changing lives in Hong Kong.

Restoring Lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Restoring Lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico

“God is doing such a greater work in us and through us than we could ever imagine, or sometimes ever even see.” Watch how God is using an Every Nation church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to share the gospel and restore lives.

A New Church Plant in Glasgow, Scotland

A New Church Plant in Glasgow, Scotland

“Glasgow is going to flourish by the preaching of God’s word and the praising of his name.” Watch how a new Every Nation church plant is bringing the light of the gospel to Glasgow, Scotland.