We exist to honor God by establishing Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation.

2021 Year in review

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Every Nation is a global family of churches dedicated to establishing church-planting churches, reaching the next generation on the campus, and preaching the gospel to every nation.


Every Nation has churches or church plants in 81 of these nations.

81 nations reached, 114 Nations to go

There are still 114 nations without an Every Nation church or church plant.

Evangelists on an Every Nation short term mission trip in Ibague, Colombia
Short-term missionary connecting with locals on Ten Days short-term mission trip in Sydney, Australia

We plant churches that reach the campus.

Most people who come to faith in Christ do so before the age of twenty-five.

These young men and women, who will be the future leaders of the world, are on the college campus today.

We plant churches that reach the campus because we firmly believe that if we change the campus, we will eventually change the family, the nation, and the world.


University Campuses

foundational values

The Apostle Paul exhorted Timothy to “guard the good deposit … with the help of the Holy Spirit” (2 Timothy 1:14). Like Timothy, every ministry has a good deposit that must be guarded. In Every Nation, our foundational values articulate for us the good deposit we as a ministry must guard together, lest they be lost. Whether we’re building a discipleship group, a music group, or planting a new church, these core values are the essential issues and help describe how we build.

Core Values Lordship icon with a crown


Because Jesus is “King of kings and Lord of lords,” we believe that whole-hearted submission to God’s will and his Word is the starting point of the Christian faith and the foundation of all spiritual growth.


Core Values Evangelism icon with three arrows facing outward


Because God’s heart is to reach the lost, we’re passionate about preaching the gospel and doing ministry in a way that engages people outside of the Christian faith. We seek to build churches primarily through evangelism, not transfer growth.

JOHN 3:16, LUKE 19:10

Core Values Discipleship icon with three triangles lined up vertically


Because we’re called to make disciples, our primary focus is establishing biblical foundations, equipping believers to minister, and empowering disciples to make disciples—not conducting meetings, facilitating programs, or building buildings.

MATTHEW 28:19,20

Core Values Leadership icon with three triangles lined up horizontally


Because we’re called to establish churches and campus ministries in every nation, we’re committed to a culture of empowering leadership. We’re intentionally multi-generational, and we deliberately create opportunities and platforms to develop the next generation of leaders.


Core Values Family icon with three arrows facing inward


Because the family is the foundation and validation of ministry, we refuse to sacrifice our marriages and our children on the altars of temporal success. And because we believe God has called us to be a spiritual family, we embrace community, reject the idea of disposable relationships, and choose to walk in love, respect, and unity.

PSALM 127:1,3

Stories from around Every Nation

Planting Churches in Paris

Planting Churches in Paris

“Every single one of us has got a call from God, whether it’s to your neighborhood, your city, your marketplace, your nation, or the nations of the world.” Watch how Every Nation missionaries are planting a second church in Paris, France, to reach their neighbors with...

Easter Away from Home

Easter Away from Home

“Being there for those Ukrainians, serving them, feeding them, making them feel at home, preaching the gospel was the place for us to be.” Watch how our Every Nation church in Kraków, Poland, shared the love of Christ by welcoming Ukrainian refugees on Easter...

Providing Relief for Tonga

Providing Relief for Tonga

“The way that we show people the God that we serve is by showing them the heart of God.” After a volcano erupted on the small island of Tonga, our Every Nation church in Fiji sent food, water, and Bibles to help people in need.