On behalf of Every Nation missionaries around the world: Thank you for your faithfulness! 

In 2021, we planted new churches, reached new campuses, and shared the Gospel in new communities. But none of that would be possible without your generosity and commitment to sharing the gospel in every nation and every campus.

May this “Year in Review” remind you of the power of the gospel to transform lives. Thank you for standing with our global family of churches. It’s an honor to partner with you in the Great Commission. 

Steve Murrell, President of Every Nation
81 Nations with an Every Nation church

Churches Globally

Active Church Plants

University Campuses

We’re seeing people come to know the Lord because our members are reaching out to their colleagues in work and just inviting them, praying for them, encouraging them. And so we’re seeing growth in that way.

Larry Matsuwski

Church Planter, Melbourne, Australia

We have a message of hope that the world needs in this time, and we cannot be ashamed of this gospel. It is the power of God. It’s just amazing to be able to bring this message of hope to people during this time.

Roshni Meelun

Pastor, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

Let’s continue to plant churches. Let’s continue to reach out to the campuses. Let’s continue to preach the gospel.

Tomas Maia

Pastor, Dili, Timor-Leste

The University of Kentucky in Lexington

From the Campus to the City

God’s timing can feel slow, but it’s always perfect. After nearly ten years, he has made a way for a university outreach to become a church plant that is now reaching a city.

Lexington, Kentucky, is home to the University of Kentucky, where an Every Nation Campus chapter has been active for almost a decade. Conrad Davies, a bivocational campus minister at UK, had been making disciples on campus for several years when Every Nation Cincinnati Church began partnering with him to see student leaders raised up.

Because of this partnership, they soon began to see the ENC chapter grow. Grace Hoyt, an Every Nation Campus missionary from Cincinnati, says,

“What we really were able to come in and do was focus on helping equip the students. God really raised up this core group of five leaders. It grew up to 35 [students] consistently coming.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of Kentucky, a leader from our Every Nation church in Clarksville, Tennessee, began feeling a burden for Lexington. Aaron Rooks connected with Conrad and the Cincinnati team, and after consistent trips to Lexington, he and other church planters moved there in May of 2021.

With a strengthened partnership on the ground, their team began interest meetings for a church plant. In October 2021, Every Nation Lexington officially launched. Within two months, the church began averaging 40 to 50 people at Sunday services with newcomers each week. Their campus outreach now includes students not only from the University of Kentucky but also Asbury University and Asbury Seminary, and they’re praying for open doors at three other schools.

Grace, who is now serves in Lexington, says,

“These campuses are really vital to the life of our church. And so that’s a huge part of the vision for the church, is always holding campus and community in partnership.”

She describes campus ministry as “an anchor” to Every Nation Lexington, but it’s not just about being on campus—it’s about sharing the good news of the gospel and making disciples. Out of that original core group of five student leaders, two of them are now Every Nation Campus missionaries. They’re working to pass the baton on well to the next group of students.

“[It’s] always going to be a deep part of our hearts …to reach college students, to show them the love of Jesus, to disciple them in the foundation of the

Word, to empower them to be disciple-makers, and see whatever they’re doing, whether they get called into full-time ministry or into the market- place, as an opportunity for mission.”

Our student leaders have been walking out in boldness to share the gospel with their friends and classmates! I’m so encouraged to see our students excited to make disciples!

Brittanie Gilmore

Campus Missionary, Philadelphia, PA

In our campus outreaches and ministries, we’re hoping to really reach students that will make an impact not just in this nation, but we want to see them go globally.

Shinsuke Takagi

Campus Leader, Tokyo, Japan

Praise God for our first salvation at Bethune-Cookman University. I shared the gospel with a student named Jonathan. Jonathan accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and is currently doing the One2One with our student leaders.

Brenden Johnson

Campus Missionary, Lake Mary, FL

Social Responsibility

Socially Responsible Churches and Campus Ministries

In the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, Jesus teaches the disciples around him that they are “the light of the world.” He tells them how nobody lights a lamp and then hides it; rather, the lamp is placed on a stand and brings light to the whole house. He then instructs his disciples in verse 16,

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

Every Nation has been dedicated to planting churches and campus ministries that let their “light shine before others” by being socially

Throughout 2021, church planters and missionaries around the world have continued that dedication, knowing that the good news of the gospel isn’t just an answer for spiritual needs but for physical ones as well. By responding to natural disasters, practical needs, deep-seated issues of justice, and more, our churches have been able to share the hope of the gospel with people whom Christ loves.

These works are a grateful response to what God has done in our hearts and lives through his son Jesus Christ.

We had an opportunity to engage with other organizations that were supplying food in the communities. We used this as an opportunity [to] evangelize. I can testify that through evangelism while we were supplying food to the hungry people, we witnessed over 40 people giving their life to Jesus.

Ronald Amanya

Pastor, Kampla, Uganda

We show the love of Christ for our community in two tangible ways. One, we serve the community in action through volunteering with different people groups in need. Two, we empower the next generation of community leaders through investing in their education as well as mentoring.

Ivy Toh

Church Leader, Singapore

When you see people on the streets crying out and getting mad at police officers or the system, what I see is people that are hungry to see something different. And what we have is a piece of the kingdom of heaven that we can express here on Earth.

Nathan Lewis

Pastor, New York City, New York

Every Nation Timor-Leste church members

Raising Up Leaders in Timor-Leste

Seeing how missionaries loved his country inspired one Every Nation leader to share the gospel with those around him. Now, his local church is believing to send their own missionaries to love the nations the way that Christ does.

In Timor-Leste, a small country in Southeast Asia, God has been in the works to change the hearts of the people and raise up leaders who would preach the gospel. Tomas Maia, the lead pastor of Every Nation Timor-Leste, says,

“As we raise leaders, we want to see apostolic churches, the church that plants churches, and we also want to be able to send missionaries to other nations as well. Our goal is to see locals going out and preaching the gospel to the other nations as well.”

This desire to fulfill the Great Commission was sparked by how Tomas himself was reached. In 2012, Every Nation missionaries from the Philippines shared the gospel with him, and when he saw their genuine love for his nation, he was stirred to love others by sharing the truth of the gospel. He answered the call to full-time campus ministry before being set in as lead pastor, and in the span of just a few years, he’s seen more openness to the gospel than ever before.

Their church, located in the capital city of Dili, is now reaching out to four major universities and is seeing college students begin to turn to Jesus for direction and identity. Women’s Bible studies have expanded to include their family members. Church leaders are visiting members at home, and neighbors (even people not connected to the church) are stopping them to ask for prayer over their lives.

Throughout Dili, Every Nation Timor-Leste is sharing the love and truth of the gospel that their community needs. Tomas says,

“When [people] experience challenging times—when they experience tough times—they know who to message, they know who to call, because they found family in us. They see the genuine care.”

This genuine care—sparked by God’s genuine care for us—is making a big difference in this small country. As Every Nation Timor-Leste continues to make disciples that make disciples, we’re excited to see what nations they will impact with the gospel.

We are seeing people even recognizing their need for something bigger than themselves, especially in a country like India. I believe that God is moving mightily, not just in our nation but globally as well.

Asing Shimray

Campus Missionary, Mumbai, India

We launched a new outreach called Faith & Culture Night. It was received extremely well and several folks want to be part of it. This is going to be geared towards reaching the lost, cultural Christians, and Californian spiritualists.

Kenny & Tawyna Farve

Church Planters, Los Angeles, California

As we just continue being faithful in the same old boring strokes, I’m seriously convinced that change and transformation will take place in this nation. Discipleship worked for Jesus. He called us to do the same, and I’m convinced it will work for us as a result.

Philip Pretorius

Church Planter, Utrecht, Netherlands

Every Nation Accra church service in Ghana

Making Disciples in Accra and Beyond

From Ghana to South Africa and back to Ghana, one Every Nation pastor is looking for open doors to impact more nations in Africa.

Sitting on the Atlantic coast, Accra is a diverse city that is strategic for sharing the gospel across the country of Ghana. Every Nation Church Accra has caught the vision to do just that, and they’re using every opportunity possible to make disciples.

Originally from Ghana, Laud Allotey and his wife were serving with our Every Nation team in Johannesburg, South Africa, when they felt God calling them to Accra.

They trusted the call to plant a church and returned home. Since then, they’ve been helping people follow Christ, are raising up leaders at two major universities, and are even reaching people in the northern part of the country by building wells.

Laud says,

“As we’ve also been praying for the nation, our evangelism wing has sent a team to the northern part of Ghana, which is a very mostly rural part. One of the big testimonies that came out from the most recent outreaches was a community that did not have water. People gave to dig a well, so now there’s a whole community that is able to have access to clean water.”

The wells were a blessing to the community, not only practically but spiritually—because of this act of service, several people came to faith in Christ.

Laud sees the potential to share the gospel with many African nations by following God’s call in Accra. The city presents a true melting pot of diversity and cultural influence, and as God builds his church here, we’re expectant to see more leaders raised up and sent out to new campuses and cities.

“We’re not waiting to be a big church, a huge church before we start reaching the nation. We know that the gospel is able to transform nations.”

Every Nation Seminary

To further our mission of planting Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation, we need to build and send leaders. This happens within the context of the local church, but this year we launched something global to help leaders grow stronger and
continue our expansion: Every Nation Seminary.

Based in Manila, Phillippines, with cohorts of students from around the world, Every Nation Seminary is designed to give pastors and missionaries a missional mindset and a global perspective.

Our goal to reach every nation and every campus isn’t slowing down, and as God opens doors for more ministry work and as partners continue to send us, we want to equip our leaders as they make disciples in their local context and beyond.

This launch was several years in the making, and we’re excited about our first cohort—thirty-five students from nineteen nations. Each will have an opportunity to learn from a diverse group of professors, as well as receive feedback and guidance from mentors and preaching coaches around the world.

Ronald Amanya, pastor of Every Nation Kampala in Uganda, says,

“I believe that Every Nation Seminary can help us as Ugandans to raise more missionaries, more leaders, more preachers, but above all, more disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Our prayer is that Every Nation would grow and sustain beyond our founding generation, the next generation, one hundred years from now, and for generations to come. Through Every Nation Seminary and the work of the local church, we can build a strong, lasting foundation in our leaders as they preach the gospel. As God sends us to new cities and campuses, we’re excited to see pastors and missionaries take and run with his vision for the nations.

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