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Sustaining a Movement for Generations

About 100 Years from Now

Over the next century, the world will see changes we can’t even imagine. Advances in technology, shifts in demographics, and developments in global politics will all play a part in dramatically transforming our future.

But this book is not about predicting the future—it’s about understanding the principles that will shape it.

Scores of youth-oriented church-planting movements have come and gone quickly over the last century, many of them with the potential to literally change the world for Christ. Unfortunately, most didn’t survive because they were unable to maintain what made them so effective in their first twenty years. The same mission, values, and culture that inspire movements must also sustain them.

Simple to say. Not so easy to do.

100 Years from Now explores the importance of understanding mission, values, and culture in order to grow and sustain a movement for generations.

100 Years from Now explores the importance of understanding mission, values, and culture in order to grow and sustain a movement for generations. 

100 Years from Now invites a truly global conversation on what the Spirit is saying to the churches about God’s mission for every nation.

Dr. Timoteo Gener

President and Professor of Theology, Asian Theological Seminary

In the same manner in which scripture urges us to consider our lives in retrospect, as though from the edge of the grave, Steve Murrell calls us to consider our times and the current course of nations from the perspective of a hundred years ahead. He is a seasoned statesman who helps us understand the challenges and the stirring possibilities we face today in fulfilling the Great Commission. No follower of Jesus should be without this book.

Stephen Mansfield

Best-Selling Author and Speaker

Moses asked God long ago to “teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Steve Murrell has been living a life of numbered days since I first met him nineteen years ago. Even though our small congregation was just starting, Steve was already preparing the next generation of leaders to succeed him. In this book, Steve shares the secrets to process, culture, and relationship that enable the passing of the baton to the next generation. Read it, because Steve has lived a life of numbered days.

Gordon Robertson

CEO, The Christian Broadcasting Network

About the Author

Steve Murrell

Steve Murrell

Steve Murrell is the cofounder and president of Every Nation, a global family of churches with ministry work in eighty nations. He is the founding pastor of Victory in Manila, Philippines, and has authored several books including The Multiplication Challenge and WikiChurch, and is a coauthor of The Purple Book. Steve holds a doctor of ministry from Asbury Theological Seminary and is dedicated to developing leaders. He and his wife, Deborah, have three sons and seven grandchildren and split their time between Nashville and Manila.