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April 2018

Meet Tessa Brown

 Campus Missionary

Eight years ago, Tessa began her journey into campus ministry as a student at Texas State University. The inciting incident: a flyer inviting her to an Every Nation church. God used that community to build Tessa’s faith for a calling in campus ministry.

Take a look at Tessa’s “I Am Every Nation” video to see how God is changing lives at Texas State University, and read her personal report as ENC at Texas State marks their tenth anniversary.

Tessa Brown,
Campus Missionary at Texas State University


When I came to Texas State University eight years ago, I was just hoping to go to church and not get caught up in the college lifestyle I heard Texas State was famous for. I had no idea that I would become part of a church plant that was part of a larger family of churches and campus ministries dedicated to honoring God and making disciples.

 During those early years, I was able to establish biblical foundations and grow under the lordship of Christ in ways I never had before. My life was changing, and I got to be a part of changing others’ lives; first as a student and then later as a campus missionary.

It’s been five years now that I’ve been in ministry. A goal of our campus leadership team was to have sixty students at one of our campus meetings. At our Thanksgiving event, we had almost seventy. Of those seventy, we’ve had twenty students go through The Purple Book, a twelve-week study designed to build strong biblical foundations for discipleship. The momentum we are seeing is truly a work of the Holy Spirit.

An R.A. for Christ

It’s amazing to see the transforming power of the gospel impact friends and family members.  Justin Strickland is a perfect example. He surrendered to Christ and hasn’t looked back. He is one of our most passionate students, going on campus weekly with Every Nation Campus staff to share his faith.

I work on campus as a resident assistant. Early in the fall semester, my girlfriend made me go to the last place I wanted to be on a Tuesday evening—the Every Nation Campus night. To my surprise, I was immediately impacted by the message. It resonated so heavily with me that I decided to devote my life to following Christ.

Since that night I have gotten involved with Every Nation Campus and encouraged my younger sister to do the same. She’s now attending the Bible study my girlfriend helps lead. God was doing a lot of healing in our brother-sister relationship throughout the semester. He’s really transforming my heart from the inside out. My goal is to help others experience the same thing.

—Justin Strickland, student R.A. at Texas State University

Ten Years, Fifteen New Missionaries

I’m so blessed to have been here for eight of the ten years Every Nation Campus has been at Texas State University—three years to graduate and five as a member of the ENC staff.  During those ten years, Every Nation Campus at Texas State University sent fifteen students into full-time ministry. Eleven are with Every Nation, and all but four of those have been sent to other campuses to help or start new campus ministries.

I’m still at Texas State University. By God’s grace and the support of my financial partners, I am still working on getting better at what we refer to as the Four Es—engaging students for Christ, establishing them in the foundations of the faith, equipping them to share the gospel, and empowering them to serve with the help of their ministry partners as missionaries on the university campuses.

Making Strides in Reno, Nevada

With companies like Tesla and Apple making investments to move operations to Reno, this Nevada city is growing into an even greater target area where the gospel can quickly spread and impact society. Every Nation church planters Bret and Jorie Holman share the story of how they ended up in this city, serving campus students at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR).

Bret Holman,
Senior Pastor, All People Christian Church in Reno, Nevada


After serving with Every Nation for many years and planting our first church in Las Vegas, we moved to Reno, Nevada, to plant a brand new Every Nation church and campus outreach here. We call it ‘All People Christian Church.’

Reno is home to over 500,000 people, and boasts one of the country’s fastest-growing universities, the University of Nevada, Reno (go Wolf Pack!). We are currently the only church in the city that is targeting, as well as meeting on, the university campus here. Besides that, there are only a few campus ministries here trying to reach a school of over 30,000 students. The fields of this city and this campus are truly ripe for harvest.

We brought a group of nineteen students and others to our Every Nation Campus Conference in Corvallis, Oregon, and we already have our first college graduate training to become our full-time campus missionary to UNR. The campus has been a wide-open door of ministry to us so far.

By focusing on engaging, establishing, equipping, and empowering disciples to plant a church and reach a campus, our hope is to make disciples for years to come on this campus and in this city. By God’s grace and with your help, we will see this vision become a reality.

Thank you for standing with us through your invaluable prayers and support. Together, we will reach every nation and every campus!

The Holmans launched the Every Nation church and campus ministry in Reno in September 2017. Please continue to pray for the Holmans and their ministry to the students and community of Reno.

Global Every Nation Report: Quarter One

Your partnership with Every Nation impacts not only North America, but we have the privilege of taking part in God’s plans all over the world. In 1 Thessalonians 5:8, believers are charged to “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” We find it an honor to look back at all that God is doing through our missionaries, church planters, partners, and staff in Every Nation.

One of the ways we do that is to release quarterly report videos featuring Every Nation stories from all across the world. This quarter, we had the pleasure of including reports from Oceania in our feature.

Together with our North American partners, we’ve been able to send missionaries to help advance the works of our ministries in Oceania. Four long-term missionaries—Chandel, Bernhard, and John and Janie—are faithfully serving our churches in New Zealand after developing partnership teams here. Last year, North American partners sent over thirty short-term missionaries to help our church in the city of Christchurch lay the groundwork for their new campus ministry. Dr. Joshua Opadiya, Senior Pastor of Every Nation Sydney, gave a report on behalf of our Oceania region stating that the team was a huge success in reaching the students in the University of Canterbury. We’ll be sending another missions team to continue that work this July.

Neither the local nor the global impact of Every Nation can happen without our partners. We encourage you to take a moment to watch and celebrate what God is doing to advance his kingdom on every campus and in every nation.

Please pray for all our missions efforts across Oceania and the world as God continues to lead us to go.

Your partnership changes lives.

Thank you for being a world changer and helping Every Nation establish Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation.

Phone 1-877-877-5585

Email partner.care@everynation.org

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