Why Settle for Good Sex When You Can Have Great Sex?

Thammie and I wrote this book because we wanted to share to our readers how they can have a great sex life. Yes! Great! not good but GREAT! Every time somebody tells you they are doing good, what it really means is that “IT IS BORING”.

But have you heard someone say WE’RE GREAT! You know they have move beyond the same boring stuff and found a way to level up, spice up and enjoy the wonderful gift of sex. This book was written for both singles and married people. We had you in mind when we were writing this book.

Dennis Sy

Dennis Sy is the senior pastor of Victory Greenhills and the author of three best-selling books: Rich for Life, Act Like a Man and Great Sex Book. He is taking up his Master’s Degree Program on Leadership at Wheaton College, Illinois.

He is married to Thammie Sy, a certified child labor coach, and has four kids of his own.

He also blogs regularly at dennissy.com.