Stop Taking Sides: How Holding Truths in Tension Saves Us from Anxiety and Outrage

How to embrace the tensions in the Bible in order to overcome division, anxiety, and fear.

Love and wrath. Sovereignty and responsibility. Victory and suffering. Some of the truths we read in the Bible seem to be in opposition to each other. We naturally tend to gravitate towards a side, but when we lose sight of one truth in order to protect the other, we are in danger of becoming proud, creating division, and diminishing our faith.

In this compelling, inspiring, and at times provocative book, Adam Mabry urges us to stop taking sides and refuse to participate in tribalism by mapping out a way to hold in tension truths that we so often divide over.

You’ll discover how our joy and our witness rest on us learning to hold to all that the Scriptures teach and growing in virtue as we do. You’ll learn how to wrestle with all that the Scriptures say, to embrace mystery, to listen closely, and to speak with clarity.

Adam Mabry
Adam is the Lead Pastor of Aletheia Church in Boston, MA — a growing, diverse church passionately committed to bringing the truth, grace, and the changing power of the Gospel for the glory of God and the good of all people.

Since getting married to Hope in 2003, God has taken the Mabry family on amazing adventures and through some pretty tough challenges. About 4 months after marriage, they moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to help plant two new churches. For five years, they labored alongside a great team, had two more children, and saw God do amazing things. Today there stand two new churches where there were none — and they're both grateful for that grace.

In 2009, the Adam transitioned back to the USA to plant Aletheia Church in Boston. Fueled with a passion for God’s truth and grace to permeate all areas of society, Adam loves pastoring an intentionally multi-ethnic, disciple-making church. Since starting Aletheia in his living room at 26, the church has not ceased to grow and reach those who were once far from God — and he's really grateful for that grace, too.

Completing his theological studies at Reformed Theological Seminary (M.A.R) and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Th.M.) and (D.Min.), he is now working on his Ph.D. at The University of Aberdeen, and stays busy preaching and teaching both at home and as a guest speaker at various events around the country. You can read more about his recent work at