DateTalk: (Almost) Everything You Need to Know about Relationships, Dating, and Sex

DateTalk is filled with invaluable wisdom, straight talk and ‘sticky’ statements of (almost) everything you need to know about relationship, dating, and sex. This book will be most helpful for 16-28-year-olds who are looking for a different and more fulfilling way of doing things.

Chapters include Decide Your Guide, I'll Have A Whole One Please, Understanding the Opposite Sex, Lessons From Lovers’ Lane, Sex Talk, and The HighWay.

These rich and relevant DateTalk truths have helped thousands of people around the world do their relationship journey better. If you want help in this exciting but often confusing area of your life, then this book is for you.

Wolfi Eckleben
Wolfgang, or as he is affectionately known, Wolfi, is passionate about helping people to live well, love well and to lead well.

Together with his wife Ali he is the founder of Every Nation Church in London and fulfills a strategic leadership role in the worldwide Every Nation family of churches and ministries. The material in his two books, "DateTalk" (For not-yet-marrieds), and "The Art of Loving Well" (for everyone), has also featured in his TBN UK television show, also called The Art of Loving Well, which has aired in Europe and Africa.

Back in his youth he once ran a sub-four minute mile and has completed a couple of London marathons, but nowadays he prefers "board" meetings - especially snowboard and stand up paddleboard meetings!