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School of Campus Ministry


The School of Campus Ministry—Manila is designed to train and equip incoming full-time campus missionaries for their first year of ministry. The curriculum for the three-month learning program was built on the fundamental principles of campus ministry and serves to inculcate these principles in how our future campus ministers will reach the campuses and disciple students.

The school develops both the future campus ministers’ walk in the faith and their understanding of the Word, both of which are necessary as they minister to students. They are also equipped in the skills necessary in running a campus ministry, such as strategic planning and events execution.

A variety of learning environments are used in order to help the students absorb as much as possible. From lectures, to group discussions, to reports and activities, each day features an assorted array of classes. This strategy allows the class to be flexible and dynamic for any topic.

Objective 1

That all students understand and believe the gospel and build their ministries on it as they themselves are continually changed by it.


  1. Inside-Out Transformation – Pastor Paul Barker
  2. Character and Calling – Pastor Marc Constantino
  3. Life You’ve Always Wanted – Mentors

Objective 2

That all students practice Spirit-led ministry, exhibiting its fruits and gifts.


  1. Dynamics of Spiritual Life – Bishop Manny Carlos
  2. Evangelism – Pastor Ferdie Cabiling
  3. Spiritual Gifts Activation – Bishop Manny Carlos / Pastor Jojo Henson/ Pastor Erwin Ramos

Objective 3

that all students understand, model and communicate the fundamentals of discipleship.


  1. Discipleship Culture – Pastor Joey Bonifacio
  2. Discipleship/ 4 Es – Pastor Ferdie Cabiling
  3. Simple Church – Pastor Dan Monterde / Pastor Jerry de Sagun & Che de Sagun
  4. 4Es in depth – Pastor Joseph Bonifacio/ Pastor Dan Monterde

Objective 4

That all students understand and apply essential leadership principles and administrative skills.


  1. Local Church Leadership – Pastor Steve Murrell
  2. Leadership Classes – Pastor Joseph Bonifacio/ Pastor CJ Nunag
  3. Events Management – Krishna Rola
  4. Time and Energy Management – Pastor Nixon Ng
  5. Basic Administration in Campus Ministry – Che de Sagun
  6. Volunteer Management – Krishna Rola & Pastor Julius Rola

Objective 5

That all students understand and develop communication principles and skills.


  1. Gospel-centered Preaching – Pastor Paul Barker
  2. Communication Classes and Drills – Pastor Gilbert Foliente
  3. Preaching Illustrations – Pastor Nixon Ng
  4. Finding Your Voice – Pastor Dennis Sy
  5. English Classes – Varsha Daswani
  6. Basic Communication in Campus Ministry – Em Gomez

Objective 6

That all students learn to think Biblically and strategically for effective ministry.


  1. Seven Practices of Effective Ministry – Pastor Ryan Tan
  2. Strategic Planning – Perci Paras
  3. Popular Issues – Pastor Job Wahiman
  4. Pop Culture –Perci Paras/ Pastor Job Wahiman
  5. Faith and Finances – Bishop Juray Mora
  6. MPD Refresher – Pastor Henry Romero
  7. Dating 101 – Pastor Joseph Bonifacio & Carla Bonifacio

Objective 7

That all students are founded on and can articulate and live out central doctrines of the faith.


  1. Theology – Pastor Paul Barker
  2. Bible Survey & Hermeneutics – Pastor Paul Barker
  3. Apologetics/ World Views – Perci Paras

Objective 8

That all students understand the core values of Every Nation and reflect them in their lives.


  1. Every Nation Vision and Values – Dr. Jun Escosar
  2. Campus Ministry 101 – Pastors Jon Dolor, Dan Monterde, Jerry de Sagun, Ian Daguman, Edrei Canda, Joppet Tan, Paul Herrera

Application Process

Step 1. Submit letter of Intent from the Senior Pastor three months before the school starts.
Step 2. We will respond by email with attachments. Fill up the following forms and email them back to us:

  • Application for Evaluation
  • Ministry Background Information Form

Step 3. We will set up a schedule for an interview via online call.
Step 4. After the assessment, you will receive an email from us to notify you of the next steps or recommendations.

Academic Calendar

The School of Campus Ministry — Manila will hold two three-month learning programs in 2016.

  • January 18 to April 21
  • September 5 to November 29

For more information, contact:

Job Wahiman
School of Campus Ministry
Email: job.wahima@lifebox.ph

Che De Sagun
School of Campus Ministry
Email: che.desagun@gmail.com

Every Nation Campus Philippines
32nd Street cor. University Parkway
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634
Phone: (02) 817 1212 loc. 518

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