Tarela Osuobeni: “I’m Number Twenty-Six”

Ten Days Student Challenge


by GREGG TIPTON — I delivered the keynote address to a group of students at Every Nation Campus Ministries’ North Carolina Regional Retreat. I spoke as passionately as I could about missions, challenging each one to commit to a Ten Days mission experience before graduation. So many stood up, I had them start counting off, with the last student calling out, “I’m number seventy-five.”

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Celebrating Twenty Years!

Every Nation World Conference Recap


The 2013 World Conference at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, celebrated the twentieth anniversary of  Every Nation Churches and Ministries. It was an extraordinary experience for students and families from around the world, and a time of celebration and preparation for the coming years of our ministry. With over 1,100 guests in attendance from fifty-two nations, [...]

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Sharing Christ's Love with Future World Leaders on our campuses


 Follow iMIX on Facebook by DAVID AND THERESA WIGGINS — There are more than 750,000 international students in the United States, typically representing the top one percent of their respective nation’s commercial, educational, and political elite. Most of these students are sent to American universities to be primed for leadership in their home countries. “Home” for [...]

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