Key Moments and Turning Points

From Following the Wrong Crowd to Leading, Training, and Equipping Missionaries

DeNail Sparks USC Football Player

by DeNAIL SPARKS — My grandmother always worried that I’d follow “the bad influence” and the wrong crowd. She was right. That’s the way I went, and that’s what I became — the person all parents want their kids to avoid. High school football coaches said that if I worked hard, I could play football [...]

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Financial Partnerships


by STEVE MURRELL — As president of Every Nation Ministries I spend a lot of time focusing on the big picture. Over the years, I have had the privilege of watching many young men and women go from non-believers — to committed disciples —to disciple-makers — to vocational ministers with significant ministries all over the [...]

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Strategic Giving: What Christians Can Learn from Professional Grant Makers

planting seeds

The Every Nation 2020 North American Initiative is a focused and concerted effort to establish influential churches and church-planting centers in these twenty key North American cities, as well as expanding the number of churches around cities where Every Nation churches already exist. This initiative will require some serious investment. Consequently, it’s a good time [...]

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Borden of Yale

William Borden

William Borden could be considered one of the great­est campus missionaries, one of the greatest Christian givers, or one of the greatest Christian ministers. Take your pick. He was an extraordinary example of each.

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