Gospel to the Greeks

Embedding Myself in the Sorority World to Win Some for Christ


by EMILY HARRISON — What drew me to Christ were the concentrated prayers of several girls in my sorority at  the University of North Florida. My sorority sisters were also part of Every Nation Campus Ministries, and the focus of their prayers was for sorority members to attend Every Nation’s upcoming Campus Harvest. Some of my sorority [...]

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UChurch at George Mason University

Persistence Pays Off


DAVID HERMES — I served on the campus of GMU for several years as a lay minister before entering a full-time role. During this time, I figured out a lot of ways to not have anyone show up at a Bible study, four or five ways to not run a large group meeting, hundreds of ways to not raise up student leaders. . . and then it happened. We finally hit on something that works for us in our mission context and that matches our ministry personality. As a result, we are enjoying one of the most exciting seasons of growth that we’ve ever experienced.

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Texas State University Basketball

Reaching Campus Groups with the Gospel


by MIKE YATES, Campus Ministry Intern — We’ve seen some extraordinary things happen with the Texas State University (TSU) basketball team. It seems even more remarkable that the Holy Spirit used me. On July 30, 2012, I went over to the TSU recreation center to meet with some guys, intending to go through the God Test with a friend I had known for years. As a joke, he motioned to a guy on the basketball court and yelled, “Come on over; this brother’s gonna preach to you.” That seemingly random event got everything going.

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Fertile Ground

Reproduction Where It Really Counts

attack the campus

by NICK JONES — I was introduced to the facts of life the old-fashioned way: working in the breeding pens of a pig farm. I regularly got up close and personal with 500-pound hogs, helping them “maximize their efforts.” That brutal introduction to breeding taught me more about fertilization and reproduction than a 14-year-old would ever want to know. One familiar image has stuck in my mind — the illustration of countless sperm cells desperately trying to break into an unfertilized egg to create a new generation. That is precisely how I envision the opportunity to engage students with the Gospel on university campuses.

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