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    Honduras-One Nation-One-Day

    Honduran President Invites Missionaries for One Nation, One Day Movement

    I preached the Gospel in Nicaragua when it was illegal during the Sandinista regime, then moved to America for twenty-four years. Now, my wife and I are returning to our promised land and pastoring a church in Central America. In June, we’ll move to Honduras to plant a church at a pivotal moment, one month [...]

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    The 2010 Initiative: Ten-Year Plan Ten Years Later

    At the beginning of the new millennium, the Every Nation Ministries’ leadership team created a set of ten-year objectives that came to be known as The 2010 Initiative. The primary objective: by 2010, Every Nation would have established some kind of foothold in each of the 211 nations of the world — a university campus [...]

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    Prisoners at the Islas Marîas Federal Penal Colony

    The Purple Book in the Alcatraz of Mexico

    The Gospel finds its way into the very darkest places on earth, even to the condemned and forgotten at the infamous Islas Marías Federal Penal Colony. The infamous maximum security prison is known as the Alcatraz of Mexico, not only for its location on the Isla María Madre (Mother Maria Island), sixty-two miles off the eastern [...]

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    What is a WikiChurch?

    WikiChurch by Steve Murrell (Charisma House, 2011) is now available at Every Nation Productions —— When I need information fast, I go to Wikipedia, the world’s largest free online encyclopedia. The wiki part of Wikipedia is from a Hawaiian word meaning “quick.” While it may seem as though Wikipedia has had quick success, it was [...]