Grace Tokyo, touching the heart of Japan


One of the joys of pastors in Every Nation Japan is to plant thriving churches. Churches that reach out to a different community other than their own.  It’s been years of dreaming and now Yokohama Grace Bible church has planted two churches.  Yokosuka Grace Bible Church to the south of Yokohama started in 2006 and Grace Tokyo planted in January 2008, headed by Glen and Linda Nabarrete.


Grace Tokyo located in Shibuya, the heart of Tokyo

11 people joined Glen, Linda, Kara, Maiken and Chase on a cold January Sunday to celebrate God’s faithfulness to Japan and has grown to around 60 faithful people.  Japanese, Filipino, American, make up this international church in this international city situated in Shibuya which is one of the 23 wards, that make Tokyo one of the biggest cities in the world.  They meet in a ‘live house’, which most people would know as a bar/restaurant.  They are growing slowly with young people who are excited about making disciples, excited about prayer, and excited about engaging people.  Students are reaching out in Sophia and Tokyo University.  There is a greater stirring in the people of Grace Tokyo.  Something is in the air and it smells like discipleship.  It smells like revival.

Grace Tokyo Leadership

In the summer the Christian Broadcasting Network News came and did a piece on Grace Tokyo.  Have a look and see what your EN family is doing in Japan.


  • Karthik

    I went to Japan for 9 days last July and loved it. I would recommend Tokyo Tower, I found it good to visit the Tower fboere it gets dark then go up the tower, see darkness fall and enjoy all the lights of the city. Also the views from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building in Shinjuku are good and the observation decks are free. (The building is pretty cool too). Ginza for the Apple store, a look at the department stores and the Sony building. Just around the corner from Ginza is the Imperial Palace which is worth a visit. Akihabara of course. Depending on what you find interesting the Tokyo Stock Exchange could be worth a visit. I found it very informative and they do offer a English tour (bear in mind you do need to book this in advance). If Museums are more your thing go to Tokyo National Musuem or the Communications Museum. The Rainbow Bridge is also pretty amazing. Shibuya crossing is impressive and while there check out Takashimaya Times Square. Also when you are out and about look out for the 100 yen shops where you can stock up on essentials. In terms of accomodation business hotels can be more cost effective. I hope that helps and you have a great time!