Our Focus

Because God is the absolute sovereign ruler of the universe, we believe His Kingdom is destined to impact every nation, every people group, and every redeemable institution on earth. And while there are many ways to He can accomplish this, as a church movement we feel a stewardship to focus and prioritize three main ministry initiatives. These three priorities, our ministry objectives if you will, describe what we do

Church Planting

The most effective means of evangelism throughout history has been church planting. Because we believe the church is the primary vehicle for the advancement of God’s kingdom in the earth today, the goal of our evangelism and mission work is to establish new churches and to strengthen existing churches. Our strategy is not to randomly scatter seed and hope something grows. Our strategy is to intentionally plant churches that will become strong enough to plant more churches.

Campus Ministry

Most people who come to faith in Christ do so before the age of twenty-five. Therefore, high school and university campuses are the most strategic mission fields on the earth today. Most of the nations’ future leaders in society are currently studying on the world’s campuses. They are being taught someone’s value system. We focus on the campus to make sure God’s value system gets equal time. We firmly believe that if we change the campus, we will eventually change the family, the nation, and the world.

World Missions

Our mission is to honor God as we reach the campus and work to establish and strengthen local churches. However, we must look way beyond the campus and the local church. We must see that the nations are our inheritance and therefore our responsibility. We must see that they are ripe for harvest and that the workers are pitifully few. And finally, we must see and feel God’s heart for the lost of the world. Whether it is to pray for, give to, or go to the nations, we all play a part in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission.

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