Every Nation was founded in 1994 when Rice Broocks, Phil Bonasso, and Steve Murrell joined their churches and ministries to pursue the mission of church planting, campus ministry, and world missions.

At the time, Rice was a campus evangelist in Nashville, Tennessee, Phil was a church planter in Southern California, and Steve was a missionary in the Philippines. In February of 1994, Rice and Phil traveled to Asia to explore church planting opportunities in Singapore and Malaysia. On the way home, they stopped in Manila to visit Steve and discuss the possibility of collaborating on the new church plant. Sitting in Steve’s living room, they reflected on their common vision to plant churches and campus ministries in every nation. That night, they committed to pursue this mission together.

Since 1994, Every Nation has planted churches and campus ministries on six continents and in over sixty nations.

Here’s an excerpt from Steve Murrell’s book, “100 Years from Now,” from Chapter Two, We’re Better Together.




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