International Apostolic Team

The membership of the International Apostolic Team (IAT) consists of regional representatives from around the world, with Steve Murrell serving as president. The roles and responsibilities of the IAT are as follows:

Communicate Every Nation’s core mission — church planting, campus ministry, world missions, and social responsibility
Facilitate regional events
Develop leaders — pastors, church planters, campus missionaries, and local leaders
Coordinate church planting and missions
Strengthen regional churches by strengthening existing leaders, developing new leaders, and creating or improving systems
Mediate church conflicts
Provide emergency covering for churches in crisis
Maintain doctrinal orthodoxy
Establish national leadership teams where needed

The IAT members include the following:

Sam Aiyedogbon, Western and Central Africa Representative
Rouel Asuncion, Middle East Representative
Russ Austin, North America Representative
Joey Bonifacio, Asia Representative
Rice Broocks, At-Large
Manny Carlos, At-Large
Ken Dew, Oceania Representative
Wolfi Eckleben, Europe Representative
Jun Escosar, At-Large
Brett Fuller, At-Large
Jim Laffoon, At-Large
Steve Murrell, Every Nation President
Michael Paderes, Central Asia Representative
Roger Pearce, Southern Africa Representative
Phillip Steele, Latin America Representative
Kevin York, Every Nation Executive Director

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