Church Membership Standards

  1. Doctrinal Unity
    • Agreement with the Every Nation Statement of Faith.
    • Maintaining the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace in the presence of nonessential doctrinal diversity.
  2. Philosophical Agreement — Agreement with Every Nation mission, vision, and values statements.
  3. Relational Unity and Connection — Commitment to the following principles:
    • We recognize that a vital part of the meaning of membership includes a sense of God’s calling and joining.
    • In order to facilitate effective and Biblical input to member churches, leaders of member churches must maintain healthy relationships with other Every Nation pastors, regional directors, and International Apostolic Team members.
    • We’re committed to building and maintaining an atmosphere of love, trust, humility, and respect while following the golden rule of do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    • We’re committed to conflict resolution through the principles and patterns of Scripture.
    • We’re committed to relationships that are free from slander, gossip, and divisiveness.
    • We’re committed to a redemptive process of Biblical discipline and restoration.
  4. Financial Integrity and Accountability
    • On application: Full disclosure upon request in respect to all aspects of finances.
    • Ongoing: Maintain the highest level of financial integrity and good financial reporting. Fulfill all reporting requirements as laid out by the regional leadership team as well as local statutes.
    • Commitment to accountability in all financial matters.
  5. Discipleship and Leadership Development — A commitment to making disciples and developing leaders.
  6. Stewardship of the Next Generation — According to context; a commitment to evangelize and disciple children, youth, and campus.
  7. Moral and Ethical Integrity — The leadership team of every member church subscribes to the Biblical standards of ethics and morality.
  8. Financial Contribution — Every member church contributes ten percent of the general contributions of the church to Every Nation Churches to be used internationally (5%) and regionally (5%).
  9. Governmental Connection — Every Nation recognizes the authority of the local church as well as the authority of the International Apostolic Team and regional leadership team in order to grow healthy churches. The International Apostolic Team authority is primarily expressed in the following areas:
    • To strengthen and establish churches:
      • Provide pastoral support and encouragement to the region’s leaders,
      • Communicate Every Nation’s vision and values,
      • Facilitate conferences, staff meetings, and other regional events,
      • Help train and appoint elders,
      • Mediate church conflicts,
      • Coordinate regional church-planting and mission efforts, and
      • Understand and support core ministries and their policies.
    • To provide emergency covering in the following situations:
      • Severe doctrinal error
      • Moral failure
      • Financial impropriety
      • Mediation of church conflicts
      • Violation of relational unity

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