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Worship Writers’ Workshop – Manila

Music is an important part of all cultures — even the remotest tribes create some form of music. The process of writing a song all the way down to the distribution of the song has the potential to be life changing for many. A beautifully written song has the ability to minster straight to the heart and allows God to move uniquely, while the process of writing the song itself allows the songwriter to experience God in a fresh way.

Over this past year, many songwriters, worship leaders, and pastors have been working together to create Every Nation Music. Every Nation Music exists to produce, distribute, and promote worship music that communicates the Every Nation mission, vision, values, and culture. The songs we produce aim to be both multi-generational as well as multi-cultural. Every Nation has a unique opportunity to create songs that reach each person in every age and stage.

“We’re focused on energizing songwriters and creatives within Every Nation by cultivating and giving life to songs that are culturally and stylistically relevant in many different regions and walks of life,” says Otto Price. “We’re really excited to see where God takes it!”

The goal of Every Nation Music is to develop great songwriters, produce Every Nation music, and promote Every Nation songs. In 2013, many Every Nation songwriters flew in for the first Worship Writers’ Workshop that took place in Franklin, Tennessee with some amazing guest speakers. During the workshop, the songwriters were encouraged through sessions taught by experienced professional songwriters and challenged to put what they learned to practice in songwriting sessions. Through this workshop, many were inspired to begin creating music with the Every Nation mission and vision. These Worship Writers’ Workshops will continue to happen around the world as we see Every Nation songwriters begin to achieve their potential.

“The Worship Writer’s Workshop is inspiring and equipping Every Nation songwriters to reach their potential,” says Steve Murrell, president of Every Nation. “Most importantly, it’s our desire that our songs glorify God, have congregational appeal, and capture the mission, vision, and values of our organization.”

Since the initial push of Every Nation Music, songwriters and pastors have been pairing up to write theologically sound, powerful, and meaningful songs, while worship leaders have been incorporating these new songs into Sunday set lists.

All of this culminates in producing Every Nation Music albums. This past fall, songwriters from all around the world submitted songs to be selected for the first Every Nation Music EP — to be released spring 2014. These recording projects will continue to happen, as more songwriters are inspired to create powerful music.

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  2. Anna Rhecca Agustin
    June 4, 2015

    greetings. I’m a 15-yr old student worshipping god since the begining. Worshipping for over 1 yr at victory metroeast encourage me to try to write a song about God and I’m wondering if you, guys, want to see it.
    Thanks for considering.

  3. Mila Lumactao
    July 24, 2015

    Just came across this bit of old news….May I know if there will be similar songwriting workshops in the Philippines for the rest of 2015, or even in 2016? I am very, very interested :-) Thanks & God bless you all.

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