News from Tacloban and Victory


Victory pastor Ferdie Cabiling visits Tacloban

Our Every Nation family in the Philippines, Victory church, has been working hard to help people affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Here are updates and posts we’ve seen from Victory members across Metro Manila, Roxas City, and Tacloban.

News from Tacloban

Kix Javier, who works at Victory Tacloban, shared on his Facebook page that the city of Tacloban “is starting to normalize.” Gas stations have opened up and some of the banks are opening their ATMs and calling employees back to work. The city is hoping to have electricity back up and running by December 24.

 Kix also shared that the mayor has inspected a “possible relocation site” for displaced residents and that temporary bunkhouses are underway. Here’s a particularly moving quote from his post:

Going around the city, I can see smiles and people doing their usual routines. Some sidewalk vendors are back singing “I’m a survivor” by Beyonce while they are selling. I’m thinking the faster we get out of this relief mindset, the faster we can rise up as a city again. 

Tacloban is still the center of the region where banks, hospitals, and universities are. If we get Tacloban moving, the rest of our neighbors can get moving. It takes not just the government to normalize things, but by God’s grace, we can, as a people, normalize.

Relief Operations

  • A collaboration of Victory and Operation Blessing Philippines sent a medical team to Tacloban to serve people in need of medical care. Pastor Paolo Punzalan, who has tirelessly led relief operations for the Victory churches, posted on Instagram that just yesterday, in one day, one hundred people were helped and treated by the team.
  • Marie Bonifacio, a leader at Victory Fort Bonifacio, posted a photo with several of the Victory and Operation Blessing volunteers sorting much needed medical supplies for provinces across the central Philippines.
  • Pastor Paolo shared a photo of one ton of goods en route to Victory’s church in Roxas City. Pastor Richard Escocar (pictured below) and the Roxas City team were thrilled to receive the supplies.
Please continue to pray for relief operations. We will keep you informed as we receive more updates.

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