Vietnam Opens Up to Every Nation

The nation is becoming more open to the gospel.


In October 2012, Every Nation Vietnam celebrated its twelfth anniversary. Within this twelve-year span, Vietnam has aggressively pursued political and economic reforms that have impacted the ministry significantly.

Vietnam’s rapidly growing economy has opened opportunities to missionaries like never before. Twelve years ago, missionaries would meet their contacts in public parks; the core group that inevitably formed soon began to meet regularly in the missionaries’ homes.  As the group grew in number, they met in karaoke bars for added security.

As Vietnam began to open up, the group would hold big once-a-month meetings at a fastfood restaurant. It soon pushed the envelope, transferring weekly meetings to a Vietnamese hotel in the heart of the city.

The church immediately grew to over a hundred regular attendees. Today, Every Nation Vietnam meets at the center of an officially registered church whose pastor was kind enough to open his facility to the ministry.

Pray for open doors in the universities of Vietnam.

When missionaries first moved to Vietnam to engage its locals, they hardly spoke the language. Using only hand gestures and halting Vietnamese, they shared the gospel with and discipled young students with hand gestures.

Today, they speak fluent Vietnamese and have sent seven local leaders to the Every Nation School of World Missions in Manila.

As the nation opens up to the world, let us remain excited about the bigger possibilities that await our ministry as it continues to honor God and make disciples in the heart of Vietnam.

Stand with us in prayer for Every Nation Vietnam:

• Pray for the safety of the missionaries and Ten Days teams. Believe the Lord for no government intervention, and for them to always be surrounded by God’s protection.

• Pray that more people with hearts for the youth, will rise up and answer the call to bring the gospel to the next generation.

8 Responses to “ Vietnam Opens Up to Every Nation ”

  1. Roland Nicolas
    December 24, 2012

    Bro. Michael,

    Is there a Every Nation Fellowship in Haiphong City, Vietnam? Presently I’m working near Haiphong City and it would be glad to attend this Christian fellowship if there is one there..

    Thanks and regards,

    Roland Nicolas

  2. Phway Bu
    April 28, 2013

    Greetings from Myanmar !

    Dear friends,

    I am Pastor Phway Bu from the Myanmar New Life Evangelical Ministries. I am so interested in your ministries !!
    I saw your ministries in the Website and so touched to be with you as I am working in planting churches slum areas, Yangon, Myanmar. It is also my heart to help people those who are in need not only in physically, but also in spiritually and mentally and take Message of Christ to the hearts of many families in Myanmar by Church Planting in rural areas. If you have any plan or vision in Asia, especially in Myanmar, former Burma to represent the gospel to people in the community, we are ready to help you, and work with you together for His own glory and honor, dear partners.

    We need your partnership and prayer supports and we want to be partners for the extension of the Kingdom of God in Myanmar.

    Also pls bring HIM to Myanmar and we will work together for God’s glory and the lost in my country.

    You are welcome to conduct Pastoral Conference or short Seminar in Myanmar. Any friend or partner in Yangon, Myanmar?

    Hope to hearing from you soon,

    In His service,
    Your partner,
    Pastor Phway Bu

  3. jem pedida
    December 7, 2014

    hi! good morning. what is the location of our church here vietnam? how do we get there? :)

  4. Rosana R. Tierra
    May 2, 2015

    I work here in Me Tri Thuong Hanoi my friend Mary Ann Hipolito said that you have church in Hanoi, I want to attend in sunday worship, where is the exact location? Im just arrived here last March 15, 2015, not so much familiar in the place.

  5. Emmanuel
    February 10, 2017

    What is the address of Every Nation in Hanoi? I will moving to Hanoi in the next month and would like to attend as I’m currently attending “Every Nation” in Bangkok.

  6. Chris
    May 6, 2017

    May I know the exact Address of Victory Church here in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam..

    • Ariel Benjamin
      May 10, 2017

      Hi Chris!

      In our “Find a Church” directory, when you find “Every Nation Church Vietnam,” it asks you to fill out a form to contact them for more info. This is because that church is considered a creative access church. Once you fill out that form, our church can contact you with more info.

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