Asia and neighboring Oceania represent sixty-one percent of the world’s population. Having raised my children while serving on both continents, I can’t help but be encouraged by the reports from the Every Nation churches in Southeast Asia and Oceania. This month’s Every Nation Fall 2013 Missions Video (see below) features that region. Here are some encouraging notes about our ministry on these continents:

Carlos Ratilla and family

I’m excited by the growth in our church in Myanmar. Ten years ago, God did great things through the Carlos Ratilla family when they decided to move from the Philippines to plant our first church there.  It’s really amazing to see what God has done in the ten years since then. Though the Ratilla family no longer serves in Myanmar, they left a legacy of capable leaders to carry on the work.  The church is already expanding to its third location! And the Ratillas? They’re now helping with our church in Indonesia, the nation with the world’s largest population of Muslims.

Ken and Renee Dew

Ken Dew, the senor pastor of our church in Auckland, New Zealand, is originally from Tennessee. That means the Dews and their team have actually gone to the ends of the earth in obedience to Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19 and Acts 1:8! The phenomenal results reported in this video are a testimony of what happens when someone like Ken, actually obeys Jesus’ command to go.

Hawaiian-born Kelly has served in a restricted-access Asian nation for the past three years. She shared with me that “even if the government of that country is closed, the hearts of the people are open!” Kelly has much hope for the nation in which she serves. She continued,

“With fifty percent of the population twenty-five years and under, there could be a monumental change in one generation.”

In Asia and Oceania, with over sixty percent of the world’s population, we’re making a difference. In fact, Manila just hosted the Every Nation Asian Pastors Equipping Conference (APEC) in October. More than 270 pastors, missionaries, and senior leaders representing twenty-eight Asian nations gathered for updates, encouragement, and discussion. Regarding the work of Every Nation all across the globe, Pastor Joey Bonifacio reminded the pastors,

“It was Him, it is Him, and it will always be Him.”

Allow God to ignite your heart to pray, give, and/or go through this month’s mission video.

If you’d like to know more about mission opportunities through Every Nation, please email John Saison or call the Every Nation World Missions office at 615-371-8479.

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  1. Rev. Hosea Mathew
    February 18, 2015

    Very significant ministry . Iam heading similar ministry of Methodist Church in India under the banner “Programme of pastoral development”.your expertise would help a lot in my ministry, I would like to connect and involve. Assuring my prayers.

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