Jean Metcalf, Brown Bannister, Adie & Jeremy Camp

On September 25, Ten Days Mission Experiences held its annual 24Ten banquet at Jamison Hall in The Factory, a favorite local venue in the Nashville / Franklin, Tennessee, area. “24TEN” refers to the intense mission adventures that last ten twenty-four-hour days. Music producer Brown Bannister hosted the event this year. The theme of the banquet was “Transform” because that’s what Ten Days Missions Experiences is about — transforming the short-term missionary’s life, transforming their church, and transforming the world.

Greg and Jean Metcalf are ministry partners who have been generously investing in Ten Days for over a decade. For the third year in a row, they used this event as an opportunity to maximize their giving’s impact through matching gifts. Greg and Jean offered to match all donations made at the banquet up to $50,000. That included pledges that could be paid anytime before the end of the year. Consequently, the $30,000 given by attendees became $60,000.

My husband and I love being partners with this ministry. We’re amazed at the team that Gregg Tipton has put together — his passion for the lost, and his ability to empowered people to have a real impact. People all over the world are hungry for the truth, and Ten Days provides a dynamic way to take that truth to those who have never heard. My husband and I feel that dollar-for-dollar, this is the best investment we can make in advancing Gospel, and we are excited to be a part.

— Jean Metcalf

To conclude the evening, Ten Days treated benefit attendees to a special performance by musical guest, Jeremy Camp, along with  his wife and fellow recording artist, Adrienne (Adie).

The benefit was not only a time for Ten Days to update partners and attendees on all they’d done in 2012, it was also a time for them to share their vision for 2013. Currently, Ten Days Mission Experiences has eleven trips planned for the upcoming year, many of which are to new locations.

One of the biggest highlights of the Transform benefit was the full-size blue house sitting in the middle of the banquet floor. When working with one of our local onsite mission partners like Baja Christian Ministries, Ten Days teams are able to purchase materials to construct several of those blue houses in a matter of days. On many the Ten Days trips, teams also provide medical care, food, and support to the people they meet. But most importantly, every trip they focus on bringing the transformational knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Gospel to everyone.

We’re excited for the Ten Days teams as they continue to do transformational work all over the world. For more information, go to the Ten Days Mission Experiences website or get a copy of the book Ten Days: A Mission Experience That Gets You Off the Bench and Into The Game by Gregg Tipton.


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